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TSN - Eduardo & Mark
29th-Dec-2009 04:55 am - (Screencaps) SATC 2 Trailer - HD
Trailer: Sex and the City 2
Amount: 69
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Satc - Carrie
14th-Apr-2009 08:50 pm - [Fic Rec] Supernatural/TF&TF
I think I am in Fic heaven. The amazing khaleesian wrote a SPN and The Fast & The Furious Crossover. Vaughn, New Mexico. Day and it's sequel Valentine, Arizona, Night.
It's pre-series SPN, gen, and the rating solely based on language. The characters are so spot on and Dean is still young and the lone ranger, missing his little brother. Car porn as three hot guys drool over the Impala, and the Nissan is there. This is so utterly in character and perfect and funny. If you like those fandoms, you should definitely give it a try.
Paul Walker - Boys with Toys
9th-Mar-2009 09:35 pm - WIP - MEME
I am the queen of procrastination, and apparently of WIP's
Been meaning to do this meme ... so here it goes.

Post a sentence or two extracted from each WIP you have (or as many as you want to pick). No context, no explanations.

1. The wooden planks holding up the makeshift roof of leaves and an ultra thin, weather repellent thermo cover, thanks to Queen Industries research department, were not resembling anything that Oliver considered liveable.

2. Nervously letting his fingers run across the bottle neck, he concentrated on the water traveling down the bottle in irregular patterns, collecting on his digits and leaving his hands wet and chilled.

3. “You know, that whole pause in itself tells me people are not telling me stuff.” Chris prodded, “it’s not like you to think before you talk girl.” He took a swag of his beer and tried to get comfortable on the hard wooden bench.

4. It was a presence only deployed by experience, money and power; A bred in poise that couldn’t be learned and had nothing to do with his movie star good looks and everything to do with the way he carried himself with an intimidating confidence.

5. The dry heat outside combined with the extortion from running through a hotel the size of a small Midwestern town almost choked him and he had to take a deep breath, when he suddenly felt his right flip flop hit a spot of water on the polished floor right outside the automatic sliding door and he immediately could feel himself loosing his footing.

6. The place was decorated with hundreds of Christmas lights, a left over beacon of last years holiday season, dipping the courtyard into thousands of blinking lights that twinkled like stardust.

7. The friendly contact of warm hands on his leather covered shoulders made his skin vibrate with distant familiarity and before he could prevent it, he was being wrapped up in a manly one armed back hug and all he could do was hope his beer wouldn’t be pushed off the bar by all the kerfuffle.

8. “Seriously, the law scares only very few people to begin with, but I hate to disappoint you, in this town - on a college campus - I don’t think you’ll get a lot of candy,” unable to hide a smirk
“Not to mention there are no deputies in this town that still go shopping in the kids department.”

9. Jensen just raised an eyebrow and slid the bowl out of Jared’s reach with his right foot, just before he could refill his oversized mouth with any more sweets.

10. Death was taking over like the everlasting sunshine.

11. “My luck ran out when you moved in on my territory and decided you wanted to be head cowboy of this little circus.”

12. Centuries of paranoia and incredible adaptability had implemented scary accurate people skills in the man.

13. Leaning over the desk he was greeted by a life-sized Polly Pocket Doll sporting a frown that made her nose crinkle like a puck, the “My Little Pony” clutched in her left hand matching the purple dress down to a tee and the blonde locks were held together by matching bows.

That makes 13 WIPs in 4 Fandoms and I don't know how many pairings. Good grief. I need a vacation to finish all this. As always #2 and #3 are my highest priority right now, even if that doesn't seem to mean much right now. Supposedly I am not to work anymore overtime, so I might actually free up some time here and there. Yay.
Nano - What the hell did I just write?
Title: Fade to love
Fandom: Smallville
Pairing: Clark/Oliver
Rating: PG | wordount: 475
Warning: Angst, character death, Apoca-fic
Prompt: smallearth's Valentine Challenge - February 19th|Red Roses|Team Clark
Summary: The world can come to a sudden end, but memories will fade away

Disclaimer: Characters belong to people smarter than me. For entertainment only. No copyright infringement intended.

Thanks to svgurl for the beta.

Life has taught us that love does not consist in gazing at each other but in looking outward together in the same direction...
Antoine DeSaint-Expery

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Celeb - AGarf - Green Parka
Show: Without a trace
Episode: 7x08
Format: jpg
Amount: 1264
Size: 624x352


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Celeb - AGarf - Green Parka
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